Pirates Ville-Marie

Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

The Pirates de Ville-Marie team, a new GMHL team, is proud to offer a program aimed at developing its players, both socially and professionally.

We offer school, sponsorship and hosting groups as well as individual support, whatever the need. The well-being of our players is a priority.

We are committed to integrating players into our community and we are asking them to get involved in the community and their supporters through various activities throughout the year.

Our program offers you quality hockey, in a friendly environment where team spirit predominates. In addition, during the year, you will have opportunities for visibility and recognition of your talents.



2020 – 2021


• Specialized Coaches for Players and Guardians
• Health Team
• Private cloakroom with personal stall
• Included equipment (helmet, gloves, hockey bag)
• Coat 3 in 1 with the efigy of the team
• Discounts on equipment not provided by the team’s supplier
• Team’s trak suit
• Sharpening on site
• Expenses paid on the road (meals, hotels, transportation)
• French immersion and possibility of french and english courses

Here’s what we offer:

• Possibility of 42 games + playoffs
• Regular workouts
• Minimum of 4 hours per week on ice
• Minimum of 5h per week off-ice
• 4 morning practices to work on personal skills
• Possibility of private development clinics on ice
• Free access to the gym
• Free access to the pool
• Opportunity to participate, on Invitation, to All-Star game
• Opportunity to participate to Show Case in Toronto for selected players
• Meals and accommodation on selected trips
• Accommodation available
• Transportation by bus
• Equipment offered

Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

our priority

The Frère Moffet Center, located in Ville-Marie, offers some professional training or college training programs in French. We also have access to a multi-media room where you can take courses by videoconference, in french or in english. In Lorrainville, a complete secondary education is offered in french.

Players interested inpursuing graduate studies in english or french can also go to New-Liskeard, Rouyn-Noranda or Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Students will be required to attend evening ice-only practices. We pay the traveling expenses, but carpooling is required.

Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

We love

The Témiscamingue population are great fans of hockey. People regularly travel to major centers to see high-level hockey.

 The Pirates are proud to give them the opportunity to have quality hockey at home. The players of the team will be models for the younger hockey players of Témiscamingue.

As Pirates players, we ask you to respect your supporters by demonstrating your dedication to the team and hard work game after game. The fervor and applause of the crowd will reward you. It’s guaranteed!


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Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

Pirates Ville-Marie

21-C, rue St-Gabriel Sud
Ville-Marie, Quebec,  J9V 1A1