Dynamic and Friendly

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Ville-Marie has a population of 2 587 and is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Temiskaming, more precisely in the region of Abitibi-Temiskamingue (North-West part of Quebec).  It’s territory is nestled within the municipality of Duhamel-Ouest, borders the Ontario border, and travels across Lake Temiskaming.

Winner of the contest for the most beautiful village in the province of Quebec conducted by the newspaper La Presse in 2012, Ville-Marie is most impressive for it’s majestic lake and scenic beauty.  Bordering Lake Temiskaming avails this municipality an aura of calm which makes for a most relaxing vacation.  As well described by Mrs. Violaine Ballivy, journalist with La Presse, in her article dated June 26, 2012: “ This majestic lake with dimensions as impressing on paper(110 km long) as are it’s banks and water.  It is no less than a sea in the interior!  The opposite shore is that of another province – Ontario -, and the ones to the right and to the left, under the total domination of Mother Nature: bordered with forests and fields amidst valleys which go as far as the eye can see “.

Ville-Marie was the filming location for the television episode La Petite Seduction.  The event with the participation of the townspeople was a great success.

“Ville-Marie on the Lake” is the slogan for this most ancient community of the region.  Stroll through the streets and discover the century old Victorian style homes, an ancient school of agriculture built in field stones and the old city centre with Boom Town facades.  Only steps away from the centre of town, Centennaire Park, the starting point of La Route Verte, offers a spectacular view of the lake. This park is the perfect location for cultural and festive events and live presentations that fill the tourist season. Close by, the marina offers divers services to the tourists and boaters wishing to make the most of the water span.

The proud residents are named the Ville-Mariens and the Ville-Mariennes.

Ville-Marie is about:

– A welcoming people full of enthusiasm;
– Varied business and services;
– A well established Chamber of Commerce;
– A centre for government services;
– The only city to offer a marina certified by AMQ;
– Health services;
– More than 150 businesses;
– Several organizations and infrastructures social;
– Events and attractions sporting and tourist appeal;
– Diversified cultural and active living;
– Good selection of professional services.

Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL
Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

Dynamic and Friendly

Ville-Marie is a friendly and safe community where life is good for all ages.  Families hold a high priority in it’s socioeconomic development and in the planning of leisure activities.  It’s citizens are solid people, involved and caring of their community’s quality of life.

Ville-Marie is renowned for being dynamic, diversified and for it’s economic stability.  Healthy business relations flourish with strong cooperation between entrepreneurs.  It is a tourist destination of high standard that makes the best of it’s natural beauty.

Ville-Marie sets itself apart by the quality of relations it maintains with the local youth.  We actively develop the intergenerational and the youth are embraced by the various organizations of the area.

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Pirates Ville-Marie - Hockey Team - GMHL

Pirates Ville-Marie

21-C, rue St-Gabriel Sud
Ville-Marie, Quebec,  J9V 1A1